Noctuidae Europaeae

By Morten Top, Dieter Fritsch, and Vladimir Kononenko
840 pages.
Price: 200 EUR*)
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Noctuidae Europaeae Essential is based on the 13 volumes of Noctuidae Europaeae, 1990-2011, by Michael Fibiger, Entomological Press.

Noctuidae Europaeae Essential deals with all 1623 known species of European Noctuids. The concise text describes habitats, flight periods, larval food plants and distribution of every European species and their distribution outside Europe. Other topics, including subspecies, generations, frequency and pests are also covered.

The European distribution for every species is shown on a clear map.

The text and maps are fully updated.

The book contains photographs of more than 1500 living species of European moths, at rest in typical natural situations, and of more than 1000 of their larvae.

All the species are displayed as set specimens in natural size on 92 colour plates. This is an essential all-in-one book that is a must-have for experienced naturalists, and because of the user-friendly layout, it will also be of great use to the interested amateur lepidopterist.


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Morten Top  Dieter Fritsch  Vladimir Kononenko